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Jon Devine - President, CEO & Agent


States Licensed: MT, ID, WA, CA, TN, AZ

Pacific NOrthwest

• I help people plan for their futures by protecting one of their most valuable assets, their income.

• As a Family Heritage Agent I have; produced over $900,000 in annual premium while recruiting and training over 20 producing agents who have sold an additional $1.6 Million in annual premiums.

Over the last decade I’ve been mostly known for solving people’s problems surrounding their health and wealth.


• I decided to put all of that experience and information to use at scale and started the Healthy. Wealthy. People. podcast in July of 2022.


• There is little in this world that I love more than being alone with my snowboard atop snow-capped mountains.


• The things I’m most passionate about in life are; fitness, business, and consciousness. 


Kelly Thomas - CMO (Marketing GUru)

North IDaho

With almost 3 years supporting my man in this career, I finally made the leap to join the company as the CMO. I have seen how impactful this company has been to both our family's lives as well as the impact on the client's lives; I needed in on the action! Making a difference as well as marketing have been passions of mine for over 10 years now, I am self-taught with a degree from google and youtube, which means I am a forever student!

When I am not hash tagging or recruiting new agents you can find me homeschooling our two beautiful girls, Eden and Maya. We love exploring our new hometown of Coeur d'Alene, ID as well as learning while we travel which this business allows for us to do. So grateful for the location and time freedom!

I enjoy long walks at Target, summer time, candles, a cozy coffee shop, puzzles, chocolate cake, thrifting, audio books, going to the gym, and traveling. 

Kaisa Prouty - Agent

 sandpoint, id & billings, mt

I recently joined Divinity Group and can't say enough good things about our team as a whole, how we get to help others all day long, have shared values, and the unbelievably supportive leadership here. After years of working for others, I came to realize that I wasn't hitting my full potential in so many ways. I worked hard, put in the hours, I was a team player, but all that just wasn't full-filling what I wanted.


DG is definitely the thing I was looking for. With my down time I enjoy my dogs, horses, time with family & friends, outdoor adventures, drives, & traveling. A few of my future goals include buying land, rescuing horses, helping veterans, and giving back to those who need it most.

Sold over $250,000 lifetime premium

Number 94 Top all time first year producer in the nation!


States Licensed: ID, MT, WA

Tommy Edwards - Agent

Flathead & Lake County, MT

• Husband. Father. Insurance Professional. Musician. 
• I’ve spent the past 10 years in the Flathead Valley as a full time musician & performer, providing me with an opportunity to meet & build relationships with thousands of people here in this community. Over these last 10 years, I’m thrilled to report that the people here, and the values that so many of us share, are the reasons we can confidently claim that this is truly… “The Last Best Place”. 
• I met my extraordinary wife Breanna Edwards just months after moving to Montana when I was 18. In 2018 I finally tricked her into marrying me. We are parents of the two most kindhearted and hardheaded girls on the planet! Hayden (7) & Lennon (5).

    ⁃    My passions in life are connecting deeply with other human beings, striving for consistent growth and self improvement for myself & the people around me, fly-fishing Montana’s pristine rivers, creating and playing meaningful music, and being the best version of myself that I can for my friends and family. 

    ⁃    Serving as a top producer with Family heritage, I have been able to check the most important boxes when it comes to choosing a life-long career.  
   ⁃    Having a real and measurable sense of purpose.
   ⁃    Make a meaningful & positive impact on others.
   ⁃    Building the foundations for an exciting and sustainable life for my family. 

    ⁃    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” -Winston Churchill


States Licensed: MT

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