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Jon Devine - President & CEO


Northwest Montana

• I help people plan for their futures by protecting one of their most valuable assets, their income.


• There is little in this world that I love more than being alone with my snowboard atop snow-capped mountains.


• Over the last decade I’ve been mostly known for solving people’s problems surrounding their health and wealth.


• I love serving people by educating them on how to keep themselves healthy and wealthy.


• The things I’m most passionate about in life are; fitness, business, and consciousness. 


• As a Family Heritage Agent I have; produced over $600,000 in annual premium while recruiting and training over 20 producing agents. 

States Licensed: MT, TX, CA


States Licensed: MT, TX

Kelly Thomas - CMO (Marketing GUru)

FLathead Valley, MT

With almost 3 years supporting my man in this career, I finally made the leap to join the company as the CMO. I have seen how impactful this company has been to both our family's lives as well as the impact on the client's lives; I needed in on the action! Making a difference as well as marketing have been passions of mine for over 10 years now, I am self-taught with a degree from google and youtube, which means I am a forever student!

When I am not hash tagging or recruiting new agents you can find me snuggled up on the couch with our two beautiful girls, Eden and Maya. We love exploring Montana and going to our favorite art studio. We share a love for making pretty things. 

I enjoy long walks at Target, summer time, candles, a good bowl of cereal, puzzles, chocolate cake, audio books, paddle boarding and have a new love for picking things up and putting them back down at the gym. 

Dustin Gibson - Agent

Granbury, Tx

• I help give people peace of mind ad protection against truly terrifying and financially devastating events. 


• Family First. Family is the most important thing in my life, whether it's time with my beautiful wife, play time with our dogs, or spending time with my amazing mother. 


• I have spent the last 2 years as a top producing agent, helping people avoid the financial strain my family has struggled with after my father's devastating 5 year cancer battle. 


• My passion comes from helping others protect what matters most. 


• As a Family Heritage Agent I have produced over $450,000 in annual premium.

States Licensed: MT, TX


Hattie CLark - Agent

BOzeman and lakeside, MT

I had the opportunity to join Divinity Group a year into my career with Family Heritage. In my time here I have seen just how significant the impact of having a product like ours can make in peoples lives. I’ve always loved people so stepping into a career where I get to love on people everyday has been an amazing opportunity. 

My husband and I moved to Bozeman, MT back in September 2020 after attending Kansas State University and have absolutely loved it here. When we’re not working we enjoy appreciating all Montana has to offer by hiking, paddle boarding, or camping in our van. 

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States Licensed: MT, TX, WA, KS

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